About DIGM 243

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Hello and welcome to my new blog. I had a blog on Tumblr for Concept Design but a new class, and that means a new blog. DIGM 243 is the fourth class of Drexel’s digital media web development program. 240 was coding my portfolio site which can be found at http://devinagallagher.com/ .  The second class, 241, focused on Flash interactivity. The third class, 242 (noticing a pattern?) also focused on Flash interactivity, but was much more heavily focused on ActionScript 3.0 coding. Now I am in 243, which goes back to web design over flash. This time we are toying with WordPress, PHP, mySQL, HTML 5, CSS3, and oh so many other fun times. So expect to see some posts related to the class in here, expect to see some of my own stuff popping up here and there, and expect it all to be about as awesome as I am.