Senior Project

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So at Drexel University’s film program, we have a senior project. The guidelines on this are remarkably loose. Some people choose to edit or DP multiple projects and have that count as their senior project, other people make their own short experimentals, animations, documentaries, or narrative films. Considering I love Stop Motion Animation, that is what I want to make for my senior project.

Stop Motion Animation incorporates everything I love about filmmaking and allows me to micromanage the whole process. Since there is no audio recorded in animation, I will be doing foley, sound effects and dialogue recording in the post sound studio. While working at QVC, we lit dozens of tabletop shoots, and one thing my bosses Kyle, Paul, and the others all said was “If you can light it small, you can light it big.” Therefore, a Stop Motion will also prove to be a great lighting demo. Finally, I just flat out love animating. I will be the chief animator on the animation, and will be employing the services of fellow Drexel Animators John Lukas, Mike Galonzka, and others.

As for the subject of the animation, I am presently considering an animation featuring the seven deadly sins.