Senior Proj I Week 2

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Okay, so Senior year is well under way and its time to get down to business. After briefly pitching my two ideas to Karin, my professor and head of the film department, she liked my newer idea better. The concept is still the same- a stop motion animation of a crocheted doll. However, previously I had the notion of doing a story where a boy makes a deal with the devil, but now it is about an adventurer who finds an ancient relic and realizes that they are made of yarn and their world is fake.

The hardest part of the project I think is going to be the set designs. I’m not particularly good with crafting. I asked Janelle if she would give me a hand with it, she seemed interested. I have to draw some diagrams of what I want to talk to her about it soon. I also need to get a sketch of the doll to the girl in Texas I hired to crochet the puppet. I’m ordering multiple because I believe I need to destroy one or two in the process of the film.

Pitches start October 17th, so I should have a script done by then. The script I’m working on right now is up to a page and a half, but that is with zero dialogue. I doubt it will live up to the standard one minute is one page structure of a screenplay.

So, a recap. Gotta get the doll, build some sets and do this. I hope to have the dolls and sets by mid December and then animate like its my friggen job. Which it is.